Profile photo of Kyle Barrow wearing orange sunglasses, standing somewhere in Tokyo
This is the personal site of Kyle Barrow, a designer, developer, product manager from New Zealand living in Tokyo, Japan.

I started out studying architecture, switched to geography and GIS, taught myself to code in the early days of the web, then jumped all over mobile when i-mode launched in Japan back in 1999.

I can usually be found somewhere in Shibuya or on Twitter.

Behind the scenes

This site is running on a hand rolled Node.js server hosted by Amazon Lightsail. FastMail handles all my email.

I use the Gilroy font family throughout the site and Formular Mono for code blocks. All fonts are licensed through Fontspring as they let me self-host without astronomical fees or JavaScript hackery.

I primarily use Coda for web development and Affinity Designer along with Affinity Photo for graphics and interface design. BBEdit still doesn't suck.